Budget battle continues at state capitol

Budget battle continues at state capitol
Louisiana Legislature (Source: KPLC)

LOUISIANA (KPLC) - (AP) Louisiana House Republican leaders are trying to rally enough votes to pass a budget for next year that contains steep cuts to health services.
They face no help from Democrats and a veto threat from Governor John Bel Edwards.
The magic number for Republican leaders is 53. That's a majority of the 105-member House, the number of votes needed to get the $27 billion operating budget proposal over to the Senate.
With 61 Republicans in the House, the math would seem to be easy ahead of Thursday's debate.
But some GOP lawmakers are concerned about cuts proposed to health programs for the poor, elderly and people with disabilities. That's raising questions about whether Republican leaders can win the votes.
Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry says he's "cautiously optimistic."