Day of kindness in memory of Daniel Ieyoub

Day of kindness in memory of Daniel Ieyoub
(Source: Johnson's Funeral Home)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Wednesday, April 18 was a "Day of Kindness" at St.Louis Catholic High School,  in memory of Daniel Ieyoub, who passed away one year ago on April 19, 2017. Daniel was many things to many different people, but at St. Louis, where he was principal for seven years, he's remembered especially for his kindness...

"Every day of his life was devoted to kindness towards other people, whether it was in a gift given, a note written, advice about the sales at Kroger. He kept the most active prayer list of anyone I have ever known," said Barbara Dupont, who is a teacher who knew Daniel for at least 30 years.

Daniel promoted the idea "kindness is spoken here.." said Dupont.  "As a principal here at St. Louis  Daniel instituted this slogan, 'Kindness is spoken here. He had placards all over the school.  It was a daily reminder of how we were supposed to interact with each other."

Robbie Austin says Daniel inspired him to become a teacher.

"It was surreal whenever he would be my substitute in my classroom, a man who is probably a reason, number one, why I was a teacher.  But I don't think I'd be a teacher anywhere else but St. Louis because of the representation of faith and education that he melded so beautifully," said Austin.

After a mass celebrated in honor of Daniel, students and faculty moved outside for a blessing and dedication of the student drop off area now called Daniel Ieyoub drive, a place to speak kindness...

Father Nathan Long:  "Bless those who drive through here that we may be mindful of our call to kindness and courtesy and imitation of you and your service. We ask your blessing on all of us here and of this drive  through through Christ our Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

as well all here--students and adults-- were invited to complete one act of kindness before the end of the day-- as they remember a man who served others leaving a legacy that includes kindness...kindness that may extend far beyond what Daniel ever imagined.

Thursday, students who wear plaid shirts get a free dress day.  That's because school officials say Daniel always wore plaid shirts.

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