Area business leaders meet, discuss constitutional convention

Area business leaders meet, discuss constitutional convention

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Area business leaders met Tuesday afternoon at the SEED center for an update on what's going on in Baton Rouge for the legislative session.

President and CEO of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Stephen Waguespack, was the guest speaker, he talked about the budget and tax proposals circulating in the legislature.

Waguespack also serves as a lobbyist, acting as the middleman for state lawmakers and business leaders.

"I think one of the best services we can provide as an organization is to visit with our members throughout the state and bring that message back to the capitol."

Waguespack said in his experience, many across the state would like for lawmakers to review the state constitution.

"It's an issue popping up around the state," Waguespack said. "A lot of people are looking at what's going on in Baton Rouge and they're getting frustrated. Year after year we have the same problems, the same shortfalls of government, the same burden being put on the back of taxpayers and businesses across the state."

"A constitutional convention is something people are taking a hard look at."

Waguespack said it's time to reboot the boot.

"Everyone wants to see higher education and healthcare invest in a way where it can grow and prosper," Waguespack said. "All we hear from Baton Rouge is the constitution prohibits us from doing that."

"In Louisiana, we have all these restrictions and it makes it hard for legislators to invest in priorities. We think if we shorten that document, get some real world common sense put into it, we can have more flexibility at the capitol."

Waguespack said they have a bill that will be on the house floor sometime next week aiming to bring about a new constitutional convention.

The last time Louisiana held a constitutional convention was 1973.

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