Tax deadline looms, last minute advice

Tax deadline looms, last minute advice

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Time is running out if you haven't already filed your taxes.

Tuesday, April 17, is the deadline to file.

Monita Dejean, office manager for Jackson Hewitt Tax services, said it's important to file as soon as possible, even if you owe money to the IRS.

"You want to get those taxes filed on time so you don't get a penalty for being late," Dejean said.

Dejean said people often wait until the last minute when they owe the IRS money and can't pay it on time.

"I would strongly discourage anyone from doing that because you don't want to be adding money on top of money you already owe," she said. "Because if you do owe at the time you file you can receive an installment agreement."

Dejean added there are some misconceptions about the six month extension period.

"The extension is only to file," Dejean said. "If you have a debt due it doesn't extend the date for payment."

Dejean said another downfall to filing at the last minute is forgetting important documents. If that happens file for an extension.

"It'll give them the opportunity to at least gather everything so they won't have to face an understatement penalty," Dejean said. "Because if they understate their income by a significant amount it will cost them money."

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