Two Karey jurors discuss verdict

Two Karey jurors discuss verdict
Woodrow Karey and Pastor Ronald Harris (Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The not guilty verdict in the Woodrow Karey case continues to stir controversy in our area.

In order to reach a verdict at least ten jurors had to agree.  In the Karey case ten of twelve voted not guilty.  One of those is 29 year old Kayla Dahlen who felt Karey was very believable.

"When I saw him and looked at him during the trial I saw an honest, broken man who was pushed and had enough," Dahlen.

And while she says she understands the man killed, Ronald Harris, was not on trial, she says she wanted more information:

"I believe everyone should be equally investigated," said Harris.

Roger Trahan was one of two jurors who wanted to convict Karey.

"I don't think imminent danger was there because Pastor Harris was unarmed and when Mr. Karey walked in the church and shot him, I just can't see that," he said.

Trahan says  jurors who voted not guilty seemed to think that Ronald Harris being alive presented an ever present danger to the Kareys.

"As long as he was alive and free, they were in danger," said Trahan.

And Dahlen says even if there's wasn't imminent danger--Karey thought there was.

"We all asked, 'What does imminent danger mean.  Today? Does it mean tomorrow?  Does it mean a week, does it mean months or does it mean years?  What does imminent mean to you?" said Dahlen.

She defends the verdict saying those who weren't there don't understand.

"You needed to be there to hear the whole story," she said.

"I believe throwing him in jail 20 years wouldn't solve anything," Dahlen.

Trahan feels bad for the Kareys and the Harrises:

"I feel sorry for both families but the Harris family, I don't think they seen justice."

Yet dahlen stands firm that they reached the right verdict.

"I may never know Woodrow personally but I saw an honest man who was pushed to the breaking point."

Convincing her, "He saw what he needed to do."

Each of the twelve jurors was provided with our contact information, but only two agreed to talk.