Construction of storage facility stirs controversy

Construction of storage facility stirs controversy

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Construction of a new storage facility on Big Lake Road has some who live nearby upset.

They aren't questioning the actual construction but the time of day it's being done.

One resident of the area, Shirley Cox, said the concrete trucks come in sometimes at one or two in the morning.

"They pour all night long disrupting everybody's sleep in the neighborhood," Cox said. "You don't have to come out of the middle of the night and pour slabs for a mini storage."

Cox said she contacted the policy jury on the issue.

"They say it's because they're trying to avoid back up on Big Lake Road with all the concrete trucks waiting to turn in," Cox said. "But they're sitting out in the field, they're not backing up the highway."

KPLC reached out to the police jury to find out why, they released this statement from CPPJ Division of Planning and Development Director, Wes Crain.

The contractor for the above referenced project requested that the Police Jury allow for the pouring of concrete outside of the ordinance allowable time periods between sunset and sunrise. The contractor indicated that there are five separate building foundations for the project.  The building foundations are engineered as post tension foundations. The concrete must poured monolithically (meaning one continuous pour for each foundation).  This requires one continuous pouring of concrete without stopping. The building foundations are large.  The concrete required for each foundation ranges from approximately 400 cubic yards to 600 cubic yards. Each concrete truck carries approximately 10 cubic yards of concrete.  Therefore for one pour there may be 40 to 60 plus concrete trucks over a 8 to 10 hour timeframe delivering concrete to the site.  The contractor indicated it was safer for the concrete drivers, crews and general public to begin pouring early in the morning (2 AM) to avoid peak hour traffic conflicts. 

This matter was presented to the Police Jury Public Works Committee on March 29, 2018 and approved unanimously to allow only 5 building foundations to be poured outside of the ordinance allowable time periods.  There was no stipulation requiring the pours be conducted on any specific date(s).  The Police Jury took final action on the matter on April 5, 2018.  

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