Discolored water in Welsh result of outdated water system

Discolored water in Welsh result of outdated water system

If you live in the town of Welsh, chances are you may have noticed changes in the color of your water. Officials say the brown water that many customers are seeing is due to a natural occurrence of iron in the towns' water supply.

An incident at the plant where one of the sensors went out is the main cause behind why many residents are experiencing the discolored water. This particular malfunction caused officials to have to run the towns' water plant on bypass, which prevented them from carrying out their routine process of back washing their water filters.

Welsh officials are aware that most instruments in the water plant are outdated and this most recent incident has sparked the need for a complete overhaul of the towns water system. With help from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Program (DWRLF) the town of Welsh received $975,000 to help fund a water system improvement project.

During this project, 2 new ground storage water tanks will be built along with new water pumps and better technical implementation practices. Engineers have been working with the town to restore the water and assure residents that the water is of no danger. Project engineer, Mark McCarty said that the new technology will definitely help the town in future mishaps.

"There is some technology that will allow us to sense the presence of iron and sound an alarm to let people know, hey we need to look at the filters and maybe make a change before something bad happens, like it happened this time."

Day by day the water is expected to return to normal and some customers are already seeing clearer water but officials estimate a week before the entire town of Welsh sees the change in their water.