Woodrow Karey's wife testifies before trial put on hold

Woodrow Karey's wife testifies before trial put on hold
Woodrow Karey and Pastor Ronald Harris (Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The trial of Woodrow Karey is again on hold since the Third Circuit has decided to review issues raised by the defense.

Karey shot Pastor Ronald Harris in front of his congregation in September 2013. Karey is charged with manslaughter but is claiming self-defense, defense of another and justifiable homicide.

The defense is asking the Third Circuit to overrule 14th Judicial District Court Judge Clayton Davis and allow certain evidence to be presented to the jury.

That evidence includes a 911 audio tape and witnesses who say Harris physically assaulted Janet Karey in 2012. The defense says that, and other evidence is important to show Woodrow Karey's state of mind when the shooting happened.

Karey's wife, Janet Karey, was on the witness stand for most of the morning.

She testified that Pastor Harris raped her and physically abused her for 14 years. She testified her husband only learned about it after he intercepted an extremely vulgar and derogatory text about her the week of the shooting.

Janet Karey says her husband was extremely upset about what had happened and had begun driving her to work because they were afraid Harris would follow her, as she says he did many times before.

Janet also testified that she and her husband provided Harris and his wife with thousands of dollars for the church and co-signed on cars and furniture.

Under cross-examination by the state, Janet Karey said Harris controlled her and that's why she never called police or told anyone Harris was raping and abusing her for 14 years.

According to testimony, when Karey was asked why he shot Harris his answer was four words: "He raped my wife."

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