5-year-old girl forgoes gifts for birthday; instead asks for donations

5-year-old girl forgoes gifts for birthday; instead asks for donations

(KPLC) - While most kids want to get gifts on their birthday, one local little girl decided she would rather give gifts on her special day.

"I'm raising money to buy a wheelchair." says Cecilia Hollier, who turned 5-years-old on Sunday.

Her mom, Kaitlynn Hollier, says that the idea came from Cecilia and her siblings not picking up their toys.

"Well my children weren't cleaning up and so I told them they need to be taking care of their things because some children didn't have toys and we came across Ainsley's Angels through a pageant and she saw the footage. She decided she wanted to raise money for a wheelchair and we raised $1,000 in about a week."

Cecilia decided that by her 5th birthday, she wanted to raise $5,000. That goal was more than doubled by the time April 8, her birthday, rolled around. Over $12,000 in donations were given, but the Hollier's hope to give more.

"She's worked really really hard." says her mom. "We're tired, but she's raised a lot of money, she definitely met her goal and then some. And she is going to continue to take donations if anybody, through the pageant where we'll turn all the money in."

Even the president of Ainsley's Angels,Kim "Rooster" Rossiter, was in attendance, via FaceTime. He says that he appreciates the donation.

"Well, we see the monetary number," says Rossiter, "but more important than the monetary number is the number of smiles that it's going to bring."

Cecilia and her family also gained sponsors over the course of raising money, such as Sweet Chic Cupcakes, Walmart, and Mellow Mushroom.

Cecilia and her family want to continue giving, realizing that the best gifts are the ones you give. To donate, you can click here or send a check to Cecilia Hollier, PO Box 155, Lacassine, LA 70650.

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