6th Avenue drainage project taking too long?

6th Avenue drainage project taking too long?

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you pass down 6th Avenue, you may have noticed large mounds of dirt and concrete blocking much of the roadway.

Efforts to improve drainage issues on 6th Avenue near Broad and 3rd Street have taken a little over a year and the project has yet to be completed. The main concern for residents and businesses near the area is when will the project be finished.

The project hopes to bring major improvements for the area as contractors are taking the 24-inch drainage pipe that sits in place now and replacing it with a 60-inch drainage pipe in order to combat flood issues that the area has seen in the past.

Construction for the project began back in March of 2017 and was originally slated to be finished in December of last year.

Lake Charles city administrator, John Cardone, says the reasoning behind the delay is that whenever construction workers began digging up ground, they found a large bank of AT&T cables.

The City has been in frequent communication with AT&T regarding the relocation of these cables.

AT&T has begun efforts to relocate the cables and presume that it will take 2 months to finish. AT&T Design resource manager, Michael Broussard says timing, coordination, and weather are all factors that can play a role in completion time.

Once cable relocation efforts are completed, Contractors can then resume efforts to improve the drainage issue.

Overall, the full project is expected to be completed by July.

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