Karey attorneys move ahead with justifiable homicide defense

Karey attorneys move ahead with justifiable homicide defense
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The trial of Woodrow Karey is moving full speed ahead. The state has rested its case and the defense is moving ahead with its side: that Karey killed Ronald Harris in self-defense and that it was justifiable homicide.

Attorneys for Karey do not deny that their client shot and killed Harris in front of forty or fifty people at the Tabernacle of Praise Church in September 2013.

But they say he didn't hide and in fact called 911 to notify law enforcement where he and his guns could be found.

According to testimony when Karey was asked why he shot Harris his answer was four words: "He raped my wife."

The defense called Karey's doctor who testified how Karey had come to see him without an appointment September 24th of that year and was so upset he could hardly talk and breathe at the same time.

The doctor testified Karey showed him the extremely vulgar text message intended for his wife from Harris. and the doctor said Karey told him the pastor had raped his wife.

Dr. Michael Traub, in family practice, said he had never seen Karey in such a state and that he was crying at times.  Traub told jurors Karey was having an anxiety stress reaction and that he gave him an appropriate sedative and a doctors excuse to remain off work for a number of days.

The vulgar text attorneys say Karey considered threatening came on September 20th, while the killing was September 27th.

Earlier an expert in mobile computer forensics was on the stand who testified about texts on Karey's phone that week many of which seemed mundane. it seems the state may have shown the text to the jury to dispute claims Karey and his wife were living in fear of Harris.

The texts did mention a rape report filed with the sheriff's department. The jury also heard from a coworker of Janet Karey who says the Wednesday before the shooting Janet Karey said Harris had been raping her for 14 years.

The trial resumes at 9 a.m. Monday when the defense will continue putting on witnesses.

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