Route released for Cleanest city contest in Lake Charles

Route released for Cleanest city contest in Lake Charles
(Source: City of Lake Charles)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The route was released for the district judging in the Cleanest City Contest in Lake Charles.

?Judging took place Wednesday. 

Lake Charles residents were encouraged to beautify their yards prior to that day. By picking up litter and removing weeds they will help improve the appearance of property and contribute to the overall attractiveness of the City as it prepares to compete at the district level.

"Lake Area citizens can help by informing their friends and business owners about the contest on Wednesday, April 4," said Anne Corbello, with the Lake Charles Garden Club. "They can also help by keeping their lawns mowed and sidewalks edged. Colorful flower plantings always brighten a landscape, so this is encouraged, and, of course, picking up any litter they see will help. Litter thrown out of vehicles or from the back of trucks is not only against the law but unsightly."

The City was recently entered into the district competition by the Lake Charles Garden Club and Diggers and Weeders Garden Club of Lake Charles.

The Cleanest City Contest is a litter prevention program sponsored by the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc.

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