Vicki B's forced to close due to raise in rent

Vicki B's forced to close due to raise in rent

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The long list of restaurants and small businesses in Lake Charles having to shut down just got longer.

The owners of Vicki B's have announced they are closing their doors, effective immediately.

"It's kinda is a sad thing. I've never been to Vicki B's but it seems like it hasn't been here very long for it to be closing," said one resident, Tara Chaumont.

"The little mom and pop businesses, it's hard to remember them because we're going to McDonald's we're going to Burger King fast food restaurants just to kind of get in and get out," Jasmine Washington.

Vicki Stahl says the closure comes after they lost their lease on the Lakeshore Drive location. She says its a raise in the rent that forced them out.

Vicki B's was known for southern, home-style cooking and has been a popular lunch time location since October 2016.

Stahl says, at this time there are no plans to reopen at a new location.

It may be a trend in the city lately. A lot of small businesses can't seem to keep their doors open.

A Lake Charles favorite of eight years, Victoria's, announced they were closing June 2nd.

"We're tired of cooking, just like everyone else gets tired of their job sometimes, we're just taking a break," said Nancy

Although it's not rent that's the issue for the Taqueria... Nancy Medina says they know rent is the biggest problem for restaurant owners in the area. 
There may still be hope for the taco shack, Medina says her brother might take over.

"He says he's going to keep the restaurant," said Medina. "I don't know when he will open back but yeah that's what he said."

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