Spring rains bring a rise along the Calcasieu River

Spring rains bring a rise along the Calcasieu River
River Flood Warnings

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - As water continues to flow out of the bayous and creeks into the larger river basins, rises are noted along parts of the Calcasieu River with the gauge near Oberlin in a major flood at over 7 feet above flood stage as of Monday morning as it neared its crest.

This comes after the river crested at just over 17 feet, or about 5 feet above flood stage over the Easter weekend. The river at Oakdale should continue to fall to below flood stage by Tuesday.

Farther downstream, the river seems to be at or near a flat crest of 20 feet, which is 4 feet above flood stage, in Kinder and will remain at or near this level through mid-week before slow receding Thursday and Friday.

High water is already noted farther south at White Oak Park in North Lake Charles where is gauge was over 3.5 feet above flood stage Monday morning with the level at over 7 feet, nearing major flood stage.

The river at Old Town Bay is in a moderate flood stage of 6.5 ft. Monday morning and will near 7.5 feet by Tuesday night or Wednesday which is 3.5 ft. above flood stage.

Minor flooding along the Calcasieu River is forecast at the Saltwater Barrier with river levels holding steady near 5 feet over the next few days, which is only 1 foot above flood stage at this point along the river.

It will be important to monitor the forecast ahead as additional rain will return for Friday and Saturday which could mean more water rises over the next several days and weeks.

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