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CONSIDER THIS: What is Dividing us?

CONSIDER THIS: What is Dividing us? CONSIDER THIS: What is Dividing us?

Traditionally people have said not to talk about two things, politics and religion. Since this is Good Friday and also the beginning of Passover, let’s go ahead and talk about both of them anyway.

I hear a lot of comments that President Trump has divided us. Also that some hotly debated political issue is proof that religious people aren’t living their values. As a Christian, I will go ahead and admit that I fail. I fail a lot. I’d never tell you that I am better than you because I have a faith in a particular religion. I know I’m not. But when I fail at being Christ-like, I pick it up and try again.

As to the issue of us as a divided nation and people, I ask you to consider this: If we are divided it’s not because of President Trump, it’s because we have chosen to be divided. Each of us, individually.  In the same way that no one can “make you mad”, you choose to be mad about what someone has said or done.  And yes, I fail at remembering and living this also, so I know it’s not simple or easy.

I’m not asking you to change your belief about our President, or racism, or gun control, or anything. I’m suggesting that we don’t have to unfriend, shout down, abandon, shoot, bomb, or destroy people who don’t agree with us about any topic. We should be able to discuss, even argue, any issue without hating each other. Without being divided. But none of us can change the other person, we can only change ourselves. My religion calls on me not to be divided, to love my neighbor. So I hope this weekend finds you feeling loved and forgiven, even if you don’t share my beliefs. Happy Easter everyone.

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