Students learn about flying at Southland Field

Students learn about flying at Southland Field

CARLYSS, LA (KPLC) - Some Frasch Elementary students may one day be flying the skies over Southwest Louisiana. They're here on a tour of Southland Field, south of Sulphur. Inside the terminal

"These are the controls for the engine, but don't worry about the engine," airport manager Tim Lafleur told the students. "We're up in the air flying already. You already put it up in the air. You will be able to manipulate the controls to see what's going on already."

Lafleur lets students tryout the flight simulator.

"See right here where that little airplane is? That's a gyro compass. So you're actually heading straight south. Now you're going just a little bit southwest."

In the hangar, the students get to see a plane up close. Instructor Don Chamblee explained how to plan each flight.

"We have so many gallons in each tank," said Chamblee. "We know how much the airplane burns per hour. So we know when we leave how much fuel we have available and how far we can go with the fuel we have on board. "

Karen Wade with the group "Ninety Nines," which encourages women to become more involved in aviation. She showed the students how a plane works.

"Look at the shape of the wing? See how they're fatter up here in the front? More narrow at the back? That design of the wing will create lift. The faster we get going down the runway, we'll get to where we actually lift off."

The hope is that at least one of these students will be enticed to become a pilot.

Southland Field has already hosted over 20 of these tours in the last few years.

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