Two studies in the works to examine the Kayouche Coulee

Two studies in the works to examine the Kayouche Coulee
(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Every time our area sees heavy rain, those in the Greenwich Terrace worry history will repeat itself.

Last year's rains from Tropical Storm Harvey swamped the Kayouche Coulee and sent flood waters into their homes.

Maudry Alfred lives in the terrace and is worried about the rain. She says since the Kayouche coulee flooded she's afraid the home she is almost finish repairing will experience another flood because of the coulee.

But Mayor Nic Hunter says they are still working to examine the coulee.

Maudry Alfred's home is almost complete since 7News last saw her.

Back in November Maudry was working on rebuilding her home after it flooded due to the Kayouche Coulee.

But now that things are slowly getting back to normal she can't help but wonder about the Kayouche Coulee.

"Every time it rains now I have this fear factor….is it going to fill up again," she said.

She's heard a lot of talk but seen very little action.

"Nothing yet has definitively been done to say that this is going to be taken care of, and this is not going to happen again," she said.

But all of that could be changing soon.

"We're bringing in the city, the police jury and multiple gravity drainage districts," said Mayor Nic Hunter.

A cooperative endeavor agreement would allow these groups to help fund two studies conducted by a Houston engineering firm that would look at the Kayouche Coulee.

The first study would look at the coulee's pumping stations to see if additional ones are needed, and look into adding a detention pond near the coulee.

The second study would look at seeing if another detention pond could be added outside the city limits.

The studies would cost $150,000 with the city putting up $34,000 if city council approves that cooperative agreement.

"When something like that happens to a community they deserve to know answers, and they deserve to know is there more that can be done in the future to prevent that kind of thing from happening," said Hunter.

For Maudry, she's anticipating that these studies could bring the change her area is desperate to see. 
"I'm hoping that that may be the answer, but again it hasn't happened yet and I'm hoping that it does," she said.

Lake Charles city council will vote on the cooperative agreement at their next meeting on Wednesday, April 4th.

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