How emergency responders respond in traffic

How emergency responders respond in traffic
(Source: Acadian Ambulance)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If there's an emergency on one of the bridges and there's no other way to get there, the answer may lie in the sky.

Billy Vincent, Quality Improvement Coordinator for Acadian Ambulance, said if a medical emergency happens, they could have assets up in the air in minutes.

"The aircraft is stationed at the Lake Charles airport," Vincent said. "So flight to the I-10 or I-210 bridge is very short."

Vincent said response time also depends on the condition the person is in.

"The more critical the response the more critical we're going to respond to it,"Vincent said. "If we have something quite significant on the other side of the river we have air assets in Lake Charles as well as air assets in Orange County, Texas."

"If we're talking about a stable patient we wouldn't need any extra assets to use."

Vincent said if someones medical conditions does meet criteria, the dispatch center is immediately notified.

"Once we have an air asset involved it really broadens the area we can bring the patient to that's critically injured," Vincent said. " We're fortunate in Lake Charles we have a hospital with a trauma program which has decreased the transports that would've gone out to the areas."

Acadian ambulance has not had to use the helicopters to pick up someone with an emergency in traffic since the I-10 bridge work began.

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