Sports Person of the Week - Chance Clark

Sports Person of the Week - Chance Clark

It hasn't taken long for Chance Clark to make his mark at LSU Eunice. The South Beauregard product helped lead the Golden Knight to a state title in 2017, and now he's found a way into the LSUE rotation and is the starter at left field for the Bengals.

"I think the biggest thing is knowing how to succeed," Chance Clark said. "We had so much success in my high school career at South Beauregard, I just knew how to win. Coming to this environment is the same way, they know how to win, and they have a bunch of success. I think that's what I brought from there to here is already knowing how to win and be successful."

And with winning, comes sacrifice. The former high school shortstop said it's been an adjustment moving to the outfield and starting the year on the bench.

"It's extremely exciting for a coach when you have a player that's not in the starting lineup in the beginning of the year and he continues to work and fight through adversity," Jeff Willis added. "He has the working while he's waiting type of approach. When he gets the opportunity to play, he comes through and performs during that time."

Clark led LSUE to a #1 ranking this past week and is currently tops on the Bengals in batting with a .432 average. Clark also has 13 RBIs and hit his first career homer this past weekend, which was a grand slam.

"Just getting up there with a clear head and just being positive and saying I'm going to hit this pitch, no matter how hard its thrown and how good of an off speed it has," Chance Clark said.

"There's a quality at bat in him every single time," Jeff Willis said. "If he is getting into a two-strike count, he has enough confidence in himself that he's going to perform at that time. That's key to having a spark plug and having a guy that can spark an offense."

Clark is hoping to be the spark that sends the Bengals to the Junior College World series in Oklahoma.

"You just have to work hard and continue to work hard," Change Clark stated. "Good things happen to people who work hard."

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