Southwest Louisiana booking report: Thurs Mar 22

Kendrick Bailey, 25, Lake Charles: Domestic abuse battery, child endangerment.

Jerry Bullock, 48, West lake: Illegal possession of stolen things from $5,000 but less than $25,000.

James Hays, 41, Vinton: Domestic abuse battery, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, criminal trespass.

Chris Clark, 55, Sulphur: Four counts unathorized use of "access card" as theft, definitions.

Gwendolyn Fontenot, 57, Iowa: Domestic abuse battery, criminal  mischief.

Mitchell Miller, 20, Lake Charles: Second degree battery.

Abel Manuel, 48, Lake Charles: Violations of protective orders.

Dalton Tomplait: 32, Sulphur: Out of state detainer.

Kenneth Heard, 35, DeQuincy: Direct contempt of court, two counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, display of plates.

Eboni Young, 33,  Lake Charles: Two counts of  direct contempt of court, simple criminal damage to property less than $500, contraband definded, certain activities regarding contraband in penal institutions prohibited, possession of synthetic marijuana.

Noel Saez, 18, Vinton: Battery of dating partner.

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