Too tough? Mom publicly punishes child for bullying

Too tough? Mom publicly punishes child for bullying

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - One mother in Lake Charles is taking a different approach to parenting.

After Leah Mueller found out her son was bullying other kids in school, she decided to make an example out of him publicly.

Wednesday afternoon, she had her son hold up a sign that said he was a bully and to honk if you're against bullying.

"For harsh actions, you've got to have harsher consequences," Mueller said.

Mueller said the purpose was to not only teach him a life lesson but to raise awareness about children who are bullied.

"You have to stop it right where it starts," Mueller said. "That way we don't end up with children shooting up schools and terrorizing communities that don't deserve it."

"We have to come together and let our children know it's not acceptable to be a bully."

Her method of punishment has garnered support from the community, but some, like child psychologist Scott Riviere believe it could do more harm than good.

"It's important for parents to set standards," Riviere said. "But you want to always make sure your consequence is not an active form of bullying because it sends a mixed message to a child."

"Some kids can have something like that happen and they earn from it, but other kids can become even more angry and resentful."

Mueller said she tried other methods of punishment but none of them seemed to work.

"We've tried writing lessons, we've tried taking away toys, electronics, taking away his free time outside, making him read and write, going and apologizing to the people he's terrorized," Mueller said.

"If they feel like it's extreme they should take a walk in my shoes or a parent who's lost a child to bullying."

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