Incumbent Rick Allen holds on to Leesville mayor seat

Incumbent Rick Allen holds on to Leesville mayor seat
(Source: KPLC)

VERNON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Incumbent Rick Allen will again serve as mayor of Leesville.

Allen won a second term as Leesville's mayor Saturday, defeating Rick Allen with 68 percent of the vote, or 547 votes to 263).

Allen has owned Rick Allen Construction Management since 1998 and Leesville Motor Sports Park since 2007.

Results are complete, but unofficial, from the Louisiana Secretary of State's office. Candidates must receive at least one more vote than 50 percent of the total votes cast. If no candidate receives a majority, the top two candidates advance to a runoff in the April 28 general election.

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In the New Llano mayor's race, Denis Jordan (REP) defeated Freddie Boswell (REP) by 19 votes. Jordan had 52 percent (or 255 votes) while Boswell had 48 percent (or 236 votes).

Danny Hunt (DEM), gained 59 percent (or 293 votes) to win the New Llano Chief of Police seat over Marie Carter (REP), who had 41 percent (or 200 votes).

The race for Anacoco Chief of Police will go to a runoff between Jerry C. Waller (REP) and Michael Sanders (REP). Waller (REP) led the race with 49 percent (or 135 votes), while Sanders had 33 percent (or 92 votes).

Mike Martin (DEM) had 16 percent (or 45 votes) and Bradley Shores (REP) had 2 percent (or 5 votes).

Nicole Ybarra (NOPTY) won the race for Leesville City Council District 3 with 56 percent (or 126 votes), defeating Danny Dowd (DEM), who had 44 percent (or 98 votes),

In the race for Leesville City Council District 4, Tony Shapkoff (DEM) won with 55 percent (or 99 votes), defeating Phillip R. Hunt (DEM), who had 45 percent (or 81 votes),

Five were elected to the New Llano council: Ervin Wilson, Sr. (DEM), who had 17 percent (or 333 votes), Carolyn H. Todd (DEM), who had 16 percent (or 331 votes), Charlotte McHenry Cooper (DEM), who had 15 percent (or 309 votes), Lesley Poteat (DEM), who had 14 percent (or 288 votes) and Terry Speicher (REP), who had 13 percent (or 257 votes).

Finishing outside the top five, Ervin "Buggy" Wilson, Jr. (DEM), who had 12 percent (or 246 votes) and  Stew Steward III (DEM) had 12 percent (or 245 votes).

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