Clanton wins race for DeRidder mayor

Clanton wins race for DeRidder mayor
(Source: KPLC)

Misty Clanton has defeated Mike Harper to win the DeRidder mayor's seat.

Clanton has served as director of Community Service with the City of DeRidder since 2009. She currently serves as a Hope Village board of director, Agape Community Clinic trustee, Beauregard Prevention Coalition board member, member and board of director of the DeRidder Rotary Club, Fort Polk Progress board of director, and is a past board member of the Greater Beauregard Chamber of Commerce.

She becomes the first female elected as mayor of DeRidder.

Clanton (NOPTY) had 76 percent (or 1,469 votes) while Harper (NOPTY) had 24 percent (or 458 votes).

Results are complete, but unofficial, from the Louisiana Secretary of State's office. Candidates must receive at least one more vote than 50 percent of the total votes cast. If no candidate receives a majority, the top two candidates advance to a runoff in the April 28 general election.

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Robert Earl Thompson defeated Tommy Robberson for Merryville Chief of Police. Thompson (DEM) had 60 percent (or 161 votes), while Robberson (REP) had 40 percent (or 106 votes).

Four at-large candidates for the DeRidder City Council will go to a runoff: Vincent Labue (IND), who had 24 percent (or 824 votes) Chance Lewis (REP), who had 21 percent (or 696 votes), Michael D. Harris (DEM), who had 20 percent (or 685 votes) and Billy Spikes (DEM), who had 13 percent (or 449 votes).

MK Dokwal (NOPTY) had 11 percent (or 361 votes) and Michelle Pierce Bennett (DEM) had 10 percent (or 351 votes).

Kimaron Haynes Moore defeated Steven Brand for DeRidder City Council District 1. Moore (DEM) had 54 percent (or 179 votes) and Brand (DEM) had 46 percent (or 155 votes).

Julian "Pee Wee" Williams defeated Faith Buckley Scott for DeRidder City Council District 2. Williams (DEM) had 54 percent (or 232 votes) and Scott (DEM) had 46 percent (or 200 votes).

Five were selected as Merryville aldermen: Shelia Lanier Smith, Sara Barnes Sellers, Dale Reinhardt, Alison Page Robberson and Darrell Thompson.

Smith (NOPTY) had 16 percent (or 198 votes), Sellers (DEM) had 14 percent (or 173 votes), Reinhardt (NOPTY) had 14 percent (or 170 votes) Robberson (REP) had 11 percent (or 130 votes) and Thompson (DEM) had 10 percent (or 127 votes).

Mark W. Allen (IND) had 9 percent (or 106 votes), Amanda Dawn Pointer (DEM) had 8 percent (or 98 votes), Daniel R. Ferguson (REP) had 7 percent (or 87 votes), Jay Williamson, Jr. (DEM) had 6 percent (or 76 votes) and Rodney Farris (IND) had 4 percent (or 51 votes).

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