What to do if your child is a bully

What to do if your child is a bully
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Many parents prepare their child for what to do if encountered by a bully at school, but few parents expect their child to be the bully.

It may be hard to admit that your child is bullying others, but taking the right steps in correcting the issue can prevent it from happening again.

Here is a list compiled by Parents.com of what to do if your child is bullying others.

Acknowledge the Behavior

Sit down with your child, speak in a calm, firm tone, and ask him what happened and why he behaved a certain way. Ask questions to help him understand how his behavior affects others.

Focus on Consequences

Help your child understand that she is accountable for her actions. Taking away your child's cell phone, eliminating or reducing TV or video game time, or preventing participation in a social outing can make the consequences more significant. Have your child write a paragraph describing what it would feel like to be in the other child's shoes or write an apology letter.

Be Proactive About Working With the School

Start with your child's teacher and then meet with the principal, counselor, school resource officer, or district staff to come up with a plan to help your child stop bullying. Ask if counseling or other community resources are available to help your child. Stay in close touch with the school to see if your child's behavior improves.

Build Social and Emotional Skills

Empower your child to build her skills of self-awareness, resilience, and responsible decision-making. Look for after-school programs and extracurricular activities that can help build positive relationships.

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