Crosswalk safety tips for drivers and pedestrians

Crosswalk safety tips for drivers and pedestrians
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LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Unintentional pedestrian injuries are the fifth leading cause of injury-related death in the United States for children ages 5 to 19, according to Safe Kids Worldwide.

It's useful as both a driver and pedestrian to know the rules of crosswalk safety to ensure the safety of all.

Here are rules for drivers and pedestrians according to Louisiana law:

  • Vehicles must yield to pedestrians within a crosswalk in the same half of the roadway the vehicle is traveling or turning onto
  • Pedestrians must yield to vehicles when crossing the street outside of a marked crosswalk or an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection

Impact Recovery Systems compiled a useful list of rules for students to remember when crossing the street.

  • Always use a crosswalk and look both ways before entering the street, just to be sure.
  • Take off your headphones. When crossing an intersection or street, it’s important that you’re able to hear any oncoming cars or hazards.
  • Don’t stand directly on the curb when waiting to cross. Stand back a few feet from the edge to prevent you from falling or tripping into the street.
  • Don’t try to stop or direct traffic in order to cross.
  • Walk; don’t run, across the street. Keep looking both ways as you cross the road to ensure there are no oncoming vehicles.
  • When crossing in front of a stopped car, be mindful of cars in other lanes, too. Make sure they’re fully stopped and that the drivers can see you.
  • If there are crossing guards available, always follow their directions.

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