Hyperbaric Chambers helping to heal SWLA

Hyperbaric Chambers helping to heal SWLA

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Hyperbaric Chambers fill up with nothing but 100% oxygen and they're helping to heal patients here in the lake area.

"We have patients who come in with chronic non-healing wounds and after 4 weeks if we still aren't making progress, we put them in the chamber," said Registered Nurse, Denise Peshoff from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. "And we put them under pressure at two atmospheres and what happens is that 100% oxygen is pushed into the body, so it goes into the plasma so where they normally don't have a good amount of blood flow, they do with this."

In the earth's atmosphere, we're typically exposed to 23% oxygen, but in these chambers, patients are filling their open wounds with nothing but oxygen.

"It gives them blood flow where they didn't before," Peshoff said. "With diabetes, you can have calcified veins, and with that, you don't have a good amount of blood flow especially with your lower extremities."

These treatments help people suffering from diabetes, amputations, and even those receiving radiation treatment for cancer.

HERE is a link to the Mayo Clinic website on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and a list of conditions for which doctors will recommend the treatment.

Peshoff says,"It gives them quality of life again because it can help prevent amputations so it's really great."

Although these Hyperbaric chambers have been around for years, doctors are figuring out all of the good they can do for their patients.

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