Sulphur mayoral race preview

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - It all comes down to two candidates for the Sulphur mayoral race for the March 24 election.

Incumbent Mayor, Chris Duncan, is running against state representative Mike Danahay.

If Duncan wins, this will be his third term as the mayor of Sulphur.

Duncan said it's all in God's hands now.

"Whatever he has planned for me in the next four years or in the future, it's in his hands," Duncan said.

His opponent, Mike Danahay, said it's been an exciting campaign thus far, and he's looking forward to election day.

"We're very excited about finding out what the results will be," Danahay said.

Both men recognize the city's growth and are bringing ideas to the table they believe will sustain it.

Danahay said he wants to create a positive business environment.

"Being a facilitator of business is important and not so much an obstacle of business," Danahay said. "Whether it be inspections or planning and development."

"I think creating that environment will bring businesses to Sulphur on a continuous basis."

Duncan believes there will be a few key factors in maintaining Sulphur's economic growth.

"We're in a very unique situation because most of the growth for industry is on our side of the river," Duncan said. " Two key factors are going to come into play in keeping these people in our community: The work that's going on the I-10 bridge and the 210 bridge."

"And with west Calcasieu growing and getting new amenities, more people will be looking at our side of the river."

One of the biggest issues Sulphur currently faces is the constant traffic because of the I-10 bridge work.

Danahay said it's a consequence of the growth the area has seen and as mayor, he'd work to improve the situation.

"We'd have to work with DOTD and the other principals involved," Danahay said.

Duncan said as mayor he's already taken action to help alleviate some of the traffic but much remains to be done.

"The red light is up on Prater and Maplewood Road," Duncan said. "We've got new signage placed on Cities Service Highway redirecting people."

"We have to work with the state and federal government to find a common denominator."

Both men share decades of service to the city and hope when election day comes they're able to come out on top.

Danahay said with his years of public service, he can bring that experience back to the city,

"I'll be able to help my city through the relationships I've developed through the years serving those positions."

Duncan said he'll continue to run the city as a business, prioritizing the customers who he said are the citizens of the community.

"We've got a strong community," Duncan said. " We have strong spirit in our town and as mayor we follow the motto: faith, family, and community."

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