Sulphur city councilman requesting meeting with industry leaders and DOTD over traffic issues

Sulphur city councilman requesting meeting with industry leaders and DOTD over traffic issues
(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - It's been over two weeks of traffic and congestion for those who live on Maplewood Drive in Sulphur, and they say things aren't getting any better.

One Sulphur city councilman lives on that street, and is trying to change things.

While Stuart Moss thought the traffic was easing up Tuesday afternoon, he spoke too soon.

He lives on Maplewood Drive, and says despite putting up signs and police writing tickets, traffic has only gotten worse.

"The traffic has increased in here," he said. "The speeding has increased."

On top of the traffic, Moss says those driving down his street have been rude to neighbors.

"I appreciate the fact that the industry is here, and we have people coming to work and it's putting employment here, but you respect our neighborhood," said he said.

While neighbor Chris Long is learning to adjust to the heavy traffic, he is worried about one thing—his father.

"He's 95-years-old and if I need to call an ambulance, I'm pretty much in bad shape, because like I said when it backs up both ways no emergency vehicles can get here," said Long.

While Long believes not much can be done at this point, Moss who sits on the Sulphur city council is working to change that.

"We're wanting some cooperation and some possible meetings with DOTD so that we can get something done," said Moss.

Moss wrote letters to DOTD and industry leaders last week to try to set up a meeting with city council to discuss things moving into the future.

"How are we going to look at our budgets for next year, and say we need to allocate more resources whether it be officers out on the street," he said. "Whose going to at the end of this pay for our roads?"

And while no meeting has been set up yet, he believes progress can't be made until everyone comes together.

"It's not going to be a project that's handled by myself or anybody else, it's going to be a group effort and right now I need that group and that means industry and DOTD."

Don Duberville with DOTD in Lake Charles says they have talked to Mayor Chris Duncan about the traffic, and that DOTD has tried to improve the situation by adding additional signage and message boards on Louisiana 108.

Moss is also hoping to get the stop lights synchronized at the intersection of Maplewood Drive and Prater Road.

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