Cirque Du Soleil performer falls to death during show

Cirque Du Soleil performer falls to death during show
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A longtime Cirque Du Soleil performer died after a fall during a show in Tampa, Florida Saturday night.

Cellphone video taken just after the accident shows a crowd of people tending to the performer.

Yann Arnaud, 38, was performing an aerial straps number when he fell on stage. After being transported to the hospital, he passed away from his injuries.

It happened during a Cirque Du Soleil 'Volta' show. Cirque Du Soleil's website describes it as a story of transformation and freedom as movement. The show includes performances on the aerial straps, bikes, rings, and other acrobatic feats.

In a statement posted on Twitter Cirque Du Soleil's President and CEO Daniel Lamarre explained that Arnaud had been performing with Cirque Du Soleil for 15 years. Read the statement below:

Cirque Du Soleil's website also says performers train up 12 hours a week and can perform 300 to 470 shows a year.

Cirque Du Soleil says that they are gathering more information and have canceled the last two Volta shows in Tampa.

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