Doctor says Louisiana's climate may bring allergens sooner

Doctor says Louisiana's climate may bring allergens sooner
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Pollen season is here and Spring allergies are going to plague Louisiana residents this season.

Although allergens are around all year, Dr. Brad Lebert of Lake Charles' ENT and Allergy says here in Louisiana, the warm, damp climate brings many allergens out sooner.

Lebert says, "In Southwest Louisiana, we also have to worry about molds a lot, which is really prevalent and aren't really seasonal. They tend to occur when it's damp, but it's damp here the majority of the time. So, really we see things that can kind of roll year round."

Lebert explains that there are seasonal and nonseasonal allergies. For example, seasonal allergies are pollens like trees, grasses, and weeds. Lebert adds that we typically think about these allergens when we see the yellow dust on our cars; that indicates to a lot of people that look we're beginning an allergy or pollen season.

Luckily, seasonal allergies can be contained in most patients.  Lebert suggests when treating these allergies, over-the-counter medication can help. However, it can become a cause for concern in those who suffer with asthma.

Lebert says, "Because it's all one airway; the upper and the lower airway are all connected. We draw an imaginary line with ENTs at the collar bones but really the airway's all continuous. So, for asthmatic patients, that's when we really worry about allergies becoming something that could be much more serious."

Dr. Lebert encourages people to find out exactly what they're allergic to and treat the allergies before they start.

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