Sports Person of the Week - Lexie Heisser

Sports Person of the Week - Lexie Heisser

"I just want to have a good time this year, it being my last year and going off to college and not playing in college," Lexie Heisser said. "They aren't just the girls on my team. They're my sisters, I love each one of them. I want them to do great and I want to do great. I think we'll have a great season. "

The Lady Bucs are sitting at a 9-8 overall and 4-2 in district. A big reason for that success, first baseman Lexie Heisser. The senior has been a machine at the plate hitting over .400 this year and over the last week the senior has been on a hot streak, she's totaled 12 RBIs and 3 home runs, including a walk off homer against rival Sulphur.

"It's a big change from last year," Heisser added. "I just played the field last year and I had a DH so it's really good to have my confidence back and not really be in my head too much when I'm in the box."

Part of that confidence comes from her support system. Heisser's father, Alan has been guiding her the whole way.

"It's really great to have parents that are so supportive and with him being an athlete, he understands my struggles," Heisser said. "he's always there for me to celebrate when things are going right."

This year, Heisser has had things to celebrate. She talks about her senior season as her last go around, one in which she plans to give nothing but her all.

"It bitter sweet, it's my senior year and it's been my best year. I had a good freshman year and to do well my senior year, it's kind of full circle," Heisser said. "This is it, it's worth having one last ride that's worth remembering."

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