Police giving 10-15 tickets a day on Maplewood Dr.

Police giving 10-15 tickets a day on Maplewood Dr.
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Police are issuing tickets to trucks cutting through back roads to get around traffic,

Since construction began on the I-10 bridge, the Sulphur Police Department and many residents have noticed the city's traffic has gotten worse.

Chief Coats claims, "Traffic in Sulphur is probably the worst I've seen it since Hurricane Rita evacuation."

18-wheelers are trying to find an alternate route to avoid the traffic. In response, the city has taken measures to make sure traffic doesn't get worse, such as placing signs on Maplewood Drive stating that no oversized trucks are allowed on the road and giving tickets to those disregarding those signs.

Coats reports, "We are averaging anywhere from 10-15 tickets a day on Maplewood Drive and prater road for trucks trying to find the cut-through street, trying to get back to Interstate 10 to avoid the Interstate 10 traffic."

Residents like Brendan Moss are frustrated, he says, "Come 5 o'clock in the afternoon whenever I get off, it's just a madhouse."

Chief Coats also says a light that the parish puts up helps the flow of traffic in the area. He instructs for those stuck in the 5 o'clock just trying to get home "stay in line, be patient, you will get through the traffic. It's only going to take a few minutes longer."

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