Lake Charles man was part of the Normandy Invasion in WWII

Lake Charles man served in WWII invasion of Normandy

It was known as Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy during World War 2.  Philip Krausman arrived a few days after the initial invasion, helping to unload trucks and tanks onto the beach.

"We took off the vehicles off the barges in about six feet of water," said Krausman. "I had to stand on the seat and reach down and drive with the gas turned up."

There wasn't air support in the first few days. Krausman says he looked up a few days later and noticed thousands of planes heading into France.

"They got just past us and dropped the bombs. That opened the path for us to take off."

The third armored division proceeded into France moving equipment toward the front lines. The site along the way was terrifying.

"All along the route, it was arms and legs and people and gory, tanks were bombed and people were burned up.  I dismissed all that stuff. I don't try to remember it."

Keeping him hopeful was a pair of booties his wife sent him, of his infant daughter he hadn't yet seen. Krausman said the D-Day invasion would have more successful if the weather had cooperated. He said bad weather kept fighters and bombers from assisting in the invasion's first days.

Krausman will turn 102 on May 1, 2018.

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