Free colon cancer screening kits

Free colon cancer screening kits

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Dr. Sapreet Basra, a Gastroenterologist from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital says with colon cancer being the second leading cause of cancer death, the issue isn't fast-moving cancer, it's the lack of detection.

"Most people are under the impression that if they do not have any G.I. symptoms, it's OK to wait to talk to her PCP or G.I. specialist," Basra said. "But in the case of colon cancer; by the time you actually have symptoms, it's too late. That means it's progressed to the stage where it's starting to cause problems."

Whether it's a stool smear or a colonoscopy, discovering the developing cancer is easy if a patient makes checking their colon health a priority.

This week LCMH is offering free take-home screening cards that can detect issues in your colon and the process is simple.

"Smear a little piece of stool on the card and basically you turn it back in and what it does is it checks for blood cells or early tumor cells," Basra said.

LCMH also has an enlarged, walkthrough, colon this week to help increase colon cancer awareness.

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