New cardio vests help detect deadly irregular heartbeats

New cardio vests help detect deadly irregular heartbeats

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A new health product could help detect deadly irregular heartbeats.

Peering into a patient's heart and locating potentially-deadly irregular heartbeats takes surgery with a catheter. But now, a new product called CardioInsight detects heart issues without the equipment.

According to, CardioInsight is a single-use, disposable multi-electrode vest that gathers cardiac electrophysical data from the body surface. The product uses Noninvasive 3D mapping Systems that combines signals with CT scan data to produce and display simultaneous, bi-artrial and biventricular 3D cardiac maps.

Cardiologist Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad says, "If you're tracking someone who's staying on the phone you can tell where the neighborhood is, this gives us the apartment. He continues, "It actually utilizes the patient's own anatomy. So in other words, the patient has a CT scan, so we can see exactly what that patient's heart looks like because every patient's heart looks a little differently."

Right now, doctors only have 12 electrodes to look inside a patient's heart. With the cardio vest, says doctors can have more than 250.

Currently, the vest is only used to find an irregular heartbeat, which also called an arrhythmia and if left unchecked could cause a stroke or heart failure. Dr. Al-Ahmad hopes that in the future, heart issues can be detected non-invasively.

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