Veterans group wants to expand cannabis use for PTSD and chronic pain

Veterans group wants to expand cannabis use for PTSD and chronic pain
Source: Tony Landry

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - There's a move in Louisiana by veterans to expand medical use of marijuana to include chronic pain and PTSD.

Their efforts to support such legislation includes an upcoming rally at the capitol:

Tony Landry is a navy veteran who has struggles with pain after two back surgeries.

"I started on a 20 year journey with Oxycontin and muscle relaxers and  just all sorts of pharmaceuticals that were given to me by VA and it just really caused a lot more problems for me than I was expecting," he said.

A trip to Colorado convinced him that medical marijuana is safer and has fewer side effects and risk than pharmaceutical drugs or self medication with alcohol. he founded Louisiana Veterans for Medical Cannabis:

"I just feel that cannabis is going to give veterans a safer alternative than alcohol or pharmaceuticals.  You can't overdose from it, less side effects with cannabis."

In this day of opioid addiction, depression and suicide Landry and others would like to see medical marijuana legalized for chronic pain and PTSD.

Kevin Caldwell is the founder and president of Common Sense Nola and the Louisiana lobbyist for Drug Policy Alliance. he supports several bills to change Louisiana's medical program:

"Representative Ted James's bill really deals with a lot of the shortcomings that our medical program has.  First of all it adds chronic pain, glaucoma and post traumatic stress disorder, to ailments that would be covered under our medical cannabis program," he said. And James has another bill dealing with establishing a $100 civil penalty for possession of small amount.

House bill 274 deals with decriminalization, HB 627 by Lyons concerns treatment of autism.

They are also working to dispel the stigma of cannabis use for those who might be helped through medical marijuana.

For more information on the March 27th rally and link above, Louisiana Veterans for Medical Cannabis.,

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