Fertility Clinic may lose eggs after refrigerator malfunction

Fertility Clinic may lose eggs after refrigerator malfunction
(Source: pacificfertilitycenter.com)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Following University Hospital's malfunction, another fertility clinic has also had a malfunction.

The Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco says a piece of storage equipment lost liquid nitrogen for a brief second on Mar. 4 putting thousands of frozen eggs and embryos in jeopardy.

The Pacific Fertility Clinic released this Statement.

"On March 4, a single piece of equipment in our cryo-storage laboratory lost liquid nitrogen for a brief period of time. We do know that there is viable tissue from that tank. The rest of the tanks were not affected. The equipment was immediately retired, the vast majority of the eggs and embryos in the lab were unaffected, and the facility is operating securely. As soon as the issue was discovered, our most senior embryologists took immediate action to transfer those tissues from the affected equipment to a new piece of equipment. We have brought in independent experts and are conducting a full investigation. Our patients and the safety of their eggs and embryos are our highest priorities and we are reaching out to inform them of this incident. In addition, we have completed a physical inspection of all of the lab equipment and have also thoroughly reviewed all cryo-preservation protocols with staff. We are truly sorry this happened and for the anxiety that this will surely cause."

That same weekend, University Hospital had a similar malfunction. In a statement from University Hospital, they claim that an unexpected temperature malfunction took place affecting the tissue storage bank where eggs and embryos are stored.  Read the whole statement here.

Many affected parents are filing a class action lawsuit against University Hospital.

President of UH Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital Patricia DePompei, RN, MSN, apologizes, "We are so very very sorry. We again want to do all that we can to support them and we will stand by to answer questions and address them, understanding that we may not have all of those answers right now."

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