Traffic flow improving after trucks detour to 210

Traffic flow improving after trucks detour to 210

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - DOTD is encouraging truck drivers to use I-210 as an alternate route but it's not just to improve traffic flow.

Sgt. James Anderson with Louisiana State Police says because of the nature of the work being done it's best if trucks take the I-210 exit. He says, "There's some construction work going on at the bridge and it's just a lot easier not having those trucks go across." The trucks cause vibrations that slow down construction process.

Anderson says since the plan rolled out Friday night and traffic flow has improved compared to early last week. He continues, "With fewer trucks on the bridge traffic does seem to be flowing more effectively. This bridge was built with a five percent grade which is a lot for a truck to overcome; especially when it's stopped in traffic."

There are signs along I-10 Eastbound before the bridge.

Some drivers are taking the detour suggestion, while others trucks are continuing over the I-10 bridge. Anderson says even with the changes, expect to see traffic back up from time to time.

Anderson concludes, "This is going to require a lot of patience on our parts, it affects all of us. I just want to remind people to be careful in the construction zones, watch out for workers, watch out for stopped vehicles, observe the reduced speed limit and don't forget to wear your seat belt."

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