Regular legislative session begins today

Regular legislative session begins today
(Source: WAFB)

LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Regular session starts back today in Baton Rouge for state lawmakers.

This comes just a week after their special session over the state's budget ended with no results.

Over one thousand bills are being introduced today, with the most notable theme being gun control.

Proposed bills on gun control include prohibiting guns near places like schools and parades, as well as rapid fire devices and assault weapons.

Other bills being proposed urge for teachers to be allowed to carry guns on school property.

A bill is also being introduced addressing parents being notified when there is a school shooting or other emergencies.

Other topics that have several bills being introduced are things like retirement, Medicaid, school bus operations, and wildlife and fishing.

Another popular topic during the session will be sexual harassment policies, with many state officials hoping to enhance the training programs.

Raising the minimum wage could also be discussed, but many believe that topic will be short-lived.

Of course, there will be talks surrounding gambling, and how to potentially increase the role it plays in our state.

Regular session could go into the middle of June, but some believe lawmakers may try to end early and go back into special session to revisit the state's budget issues.

Some of the budget items that will still be touched on during regular session include the TOPS award program, and health care.

For a full rundown of the bills being proposed, visit the Louisiana State Legislature website.

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