Gothic Jail in DeRidder holds special hanging anniversary tours

Gothic Jail in DeRidder holds special hanging anniversary tours
(Source: KPLC)

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - The Gothic Jail in DeRidder is a popular destination for those not afraid of the paranormal activity that could occur.

Tomorrow marks the 90th anniversary of the double hangings that helped make this jail so infamous.

The story behind the hangings is that two men robbed a taxi driver and brutally murdered him by beating and stabbing him.

The two men were then taken to the jail where they were hanged as the first execution in Beauregard Parish.

With stories of a brutal murder, suicides, and two hangings, there are many accounts of paranormal activity seen throughout the jail.

Dustin Fritts leads the lantern tours at night and says he sees skeptics turn to believers.

"We don't really try to convince people that the place is haunted, per say, we let them kind of gather their own feelings and kind of feel the place out," Fritts said. "We have seen shadow figures moving on the wall, we've heard footsteps… a bunch of different things that we've come across that are kind of unexplained, don't really have an answer for them."

The Gothic Jail offers daytime history tours and nighttime lantern tours, and ask that you sign up ahead of time before all of the slots fill.

The spots for tomorrow's tours are currently full, but you can learn more about the jail and sign up for tours on their Facebook page.

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