Ham Reid-Nelson Road Roundabout officially complete

Ham Reid-Nelson Road Roundabout officially complete

(NBC NEWS) - A flag-raising ceremony was held Wednesday morning to mark the official completion of the Ham Reid-Nelson Roundabout.

Calcasieu Parish Police Jury officials and area military veterans were there for the celebration.

The roundabout has been open since August 2017, but crews have continued to work on adding road striping, brick pavers, sidewalks and landscaping since that time.

The project began in July 2016, with a price tag of $4.3 million.

Police juror for district six, Dennis Scott, said this roundabout was money well spent.

"Not only for the safety of people in Calcasieu, but for the quality of life." Scott said.

Scott said since the roundabout opened, traffic flow has been improved significantly.

"Even in peak hours traffic continually moves," Scoot said. "It's been able to slow traffic down but yet keep it moving so if their is a collision on a roundabout it's usually slower and side collisions."

So what's next? Plans for more roundabouts are already in the works.

"Down the road on Lake Street and Ham Reid," Scott said. "We'll also be adding one on the corner of Elliot and Ham Reid road, then at Big Lake and Ham Reid."

"This corridor will be nothing but flow freeing traffic and we believe that's the best route for the future."

According to the Police Jury website, before the construction of the roundabout, injury crashes were reported each year at the the Ham Reid-Nelson road intersection.