Local attorney's rape trial to wrap up Friday

Local attorney's rape trial to wrap up Friday
Jonathan Johnson (Source: Louisiana State Police)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - UPDATE:  The defense finished all but one witness Thursday in the bench trial of Johnathan Johnson,  accused of raping a woman in 2011.

The judge heard an audio recording of Johnson's grand jury testimony in which he said that he had consensual sex with the woman who was 21 years old at the time.

Johnson admits, on the grand jury tape, it happened in his house while his fiance was sleeping in another room.

Friday the defense will put on an expert dealing with intoxication and impairment.

Then the state will have an opportunity to put on rebuttal.

Judge Dennis Waldron from New Orleans says the case will conclude tomorrow.

For more details of the testimony so far, click on Theresa Schmidt's twitter feed below.

WEDNESDAY: The court heard emotional testimony today in the bench trial of Jonathan Lane Johnson--accused of raping a woman in 2011. This afternoon Johnson's brother, attorney Adam Johnson, testified.  Adam became choked up as he talked about wishing he had pushed his brother to cut off interaction with the woman who would later accuse him of rape.

Adam's testimony indicated there was consensual sex and says that Jonathan's now wife has forgiven him for cheating.

The defense also heard from a bartender who firmly denies that he or Jonathan Johnson put drugs into the accuser's drink.

Thursday morning, the defense continues putting on its case. Johnson waived a jury trial and asked for a bench trial.  Judge Dennis Waldron from New Orleans is hearing the case as local judges have been recused.  The Louisiana Attorney General's office is prosecuting the case because the Calcasieu District Attorney's office recused itself from the case.

Judge Waldron has indicated the case will wrap up Friday.

Theresa Schmidt is in the courtroom. Follow her coverage of the trial on Twitter.

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