Report: Women are meaner to each other than men are at work

Report: Women are meaner to each other than men are at work

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Studies show that women are crueler to each other at work than they are to their male colleagues.

A recent University of Arizona survey asked about 1400 men and women with full-time jobs if they felt disrespected during their previous month of work. Researchers determined that women are less likely to get along and that females with assertive and dominant personalities are more likely to be targeted.

It's called the "Queen Bee Syndrome" and it makes some women target other females in the workplace in an attempt to climb the ladder. Experts at the university say the behavior is exemplified by disparaging feminine traits, delivering harsher criticism, and failing to support moves that tackle gender inequality.

The study showed that most women admitted that they experienced rude behavior and incivility. In fact, researchers found that when men acted assertive and warm, it is not considered the norm for male behavior.

Assistant Professor of management and organizations in the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management, Allison Gabriel says that "making workplace interactions more positive and supportive can....create a more positive, healthier environment that helps sustain the company in the long run."

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