Lyft can now help take you to your doctor's appointments

Lyft can now help take you to your doctor's appointments
(Source Lyft's Blog)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Just days after Uber announced health transportation, Lyft has now made it possible to transport patients to their appointments.

On their blog, Lyft announced yesterday that it has set a goal to cut the so-called health care transportation gap in half by 2020.

Lyft plans on doing so by partnering with Allscripts. Allscripts is a large electronic health record company that reaches an estimate of seven million patients. By integrating this company, it improves patient experience, decreases wait times, and reduces costs,

As explained on the blog, doctors and hospitals who use Allscripts can request a Lyft concierge to ensure that patients get to their appointments in a timely manner with a national average wait time of 3 minutes.

There are thousands of healthcare companies that have partnered with Lyft, for example, Blue Cross and Blue Shield have agreed to join forces according to

For more information, read Lyft's announcement here.

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