Krazy Larry's South Beaux Auto Show raising money in memory of crash victim

Krazy Larry's South Beaux Auto Show raising money in memory of crash victim

RAGLEY, LA (KPLC) - It takes a lot of faith to turn the worst thing that's ever happened in your life into something that helps others. But that's what a Ragley couple has done in memory of their son who was killed in 2006.

Where can you go to find antique cars, so called "rat-rods" and any number of auction items to bid on, some,  unlike anything you may have seen before.  One of the live auction items is a set of green bicycles with an old-fashioned rotary mower attached to the front.  They are a "his and her's" pair. Then there's a gas powered push mower with "pontoons" fashioned from "noodles" used in the swimming pool.

It's Krazy Larry's South Beaux Auto Show and Swap Meet, and they don't call him "Krazy Larry" for nothin'.  His last name is DeFries and he says "it's French."

"My great, great, great, great grandfather invented the French fry.  And what it is, we get a small small, small small percentage of all the money spent when you buy French fries anywhere.  It doesn't matter where," said DeFries.

It's all to raise money for someone in need. This year: a young woman, Bonnie Clements, who needs jaw replacement surgery.

And it's all done in loving memory of Larry and Mona's son, Brandon, who died twelve years ago in a car crash.

His parents were determined to channel their tremendous grief into something positive and so they have.

"When you've lost somebody you get in despair.  But anytime you reach out and try to help somebody else, your despair is forgotten about and you reach out and help them and it lifts your spirits," said Mona.

"In the past I've seen people that lost children, they split up, most of the time, get divorced.  I didn't want that," explained Larry.

So, in helping others they may have saved themselves.

Besides raising money they are already having fun... ever wanted to drive a hot rod? Brent DeFries demonstrates riding a hot rod with nothing more than a steering wheel, stick shift and lots of revving it up sound effects (made with his own mouth.)

Ladies can compete to see who can identify the greatest number of car parts that are hanging on a board, each part with a number.   .

There is a one-of-a-kind child's chair with a Volkswagon hood (made by Larry of course,) two tables with a hole in the center for eating crawfish while easily disposing of the heads through a hole in the center.  Two kids demonstrate an outdoor checkerboard with a storage place for the checkers. There's even a "Cajun microwave," that sort of resembles a smoker..

And there's a chance to see Larry's space mobile as well as his rocket mobile? (Really need to see to appreciate.)

And when it's done, they start planning again to make a difference, all for the love of Brandon.

The fun is underway at the south Beauregard rec center in Ragley--where jambalaya and crawfish pie were some of the attractions for Friday night.  Click here for the schedule of events..

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