TEEN REPORT: How Sulphur High School is responding to Parkland, Florida shooting

TEEN REPORT: How Sulphur High School is responding to Parkland, Florida shooting
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Schools across the country are re-evaluating their safety procedures in the wake of the Florida school shooting. Sulphur High School is one of those schools, and the students are speaking their minds about what should be done to prevent their school from being the next tragedy.

Sulphur High students are showing support for the survivors of the Florida school shooting. The Key Club is collecting and sending handmade cards to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Key Club President Arianna Jack says, "We all felt like we should do something to help".

The Key Club hopes the cards will bring light to this horrific event.

Teen Reporter Cassidy Jones says, "The shooting has not only inspired students to create cards, it has also prompted divided opinions about what should be done".

Junior Sarah Palermo says, "There should be fewer entry points and exits in the school just so it'd be harder to get in".

Senior John "Trey" Gregory weighs in as well, "Arm certain individuals on campus".

Senior Sara Poncho says, "I think there should be officers at every entrance and exit of the school. Anyone coming in and out of the school should be patted down before they enter the school".

Principal Robert Barrentine agrees that limited campus access along with help from students are priorities.

Barrentine informs, "Looking at putting a wall up in the front office area to buzz people in and out. We want everybody to report anything that they feel is suspicious and might be a threat to our school".

Senior Chase Molitor adds, "Anybody who is involved in this or made any threats should be immediately expelled".

Senior John "Trey" Gregory says, "They need to know that we have cameras, we also have armed police officers. We just need to make sure they understand what they're getting into is not going to benefit them in any way. The stronger you can make your schools, the better deterrents it is for possible attackers".

Regardless of different ideas for school safety, it is obvious to teens that something has to be done and changes have to be made.

Luckily, changes are being made. Officer presence is increasing and safety is being taken seriously.

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