New additions to Veteran's Memorial in Lake Charles

Veteran's Park improvements to be unveiled this month

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Improvements to the Veteran's Memorial on Lakeshore Drive in Lake Charles should be completed by late March. The memorial has seen plenty of changes over the years, but not as drastic as the ones added over the winter.

"We are trying to commemorate the different conflicts and wars," said Lori Marinovich, with the City of Lake Charles. "This edition is celebrating all the different branches of the service. So we're trying to make it a very holistic, world-class plaza and memorial for them."

Vietnam veterans Edward Hudson, Sr. and Al Cochran like the additions.

"It's purely beautiful," said Cochran. "It's a quiet, solemn place to come out and meditate. You can come out and not even think of Vietnam and that is a terrific thing. It's so quiet, solemn and beautiful."

Along with lighting improvements, two big displays have been added. One is a wall of emblems from the country armed services.  The other is a wall depicting soldiers who defend the country.

"This to me, this is a place where veterans can come and kind of relate because we have the tank, we got the cannon, the helicopter, then we're going to have some other stuff here," said Hudson. "This is a place that you can come and kind of relate with your buddy's brick."

Commemorative bricks are being sold for the memorial. You can contact the Lake Charles Civic Center box office at 337-491-1432. The new additions will be unveiled at the Vietnam Veterans observance on Saturday, March 24 at 6:30 p.m. at Veteran's Park.

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