CONSIDER THIS: Public Sleeping Day

CONSIDER THIS: Public Sleeping Day

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - February was a busy month for many of us, so maybe it's very appropriate that the last day of the month is National Public Sleeping Day.

I must say, that's a day I can get behind. I love a good nap and can take one anywhere. I fell asleep on the grass in Central Park and when I woke up I still had my watch and my wallet! Many years ago, my wife and I rode the mules into the Grand Canyon; during a break, she captured a picture of me sleeping with my head resting on a rock. She says if I could perfect sleeping while walking I'd be the most well-rested person in America.

But if we need a national day to promote taking naps in public, that might be a sign that we aren't all that rested. Maybe we aren't getting enough sleep at night. That certainly can be a public health hazard depending on your job and how much you drive. Sometimes it's easy enough to take someone's advice because they certainly aren't using it. So I'll admit to not taking my own advice as I ask you to consider this: your sleep is important to your health, maybe you should treat it that way. And if not, you can always grab a nap in public somewhere.

After all, we've got a national day to celebrate that.

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