Niblett's Bluff Park sees flooding

Niblett's Bluff Park sees flooding
(Source: KPLC)

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - Flooding is common through Southwest Louisiana, but residents along the Sabine River deal with the damages from it almost every year.

There is already need for concern this year as releases from the Toledo Bend have caused locals to worry about flooding.

Debbi McBride works at Niblett's Bluff Park in Vinton and says it's about more than just the physical and financial damages.

"When the buildings get flooded, we have to replace everything in the buildings. All the electricity goes under water, and we have to replace all the electricity. We lose our employees because we have to lay them off. It's just really hard," McBride said.

Fortunately, with minimal rain last night, the reservoir water levels are slowly receding, meaning they may not have to release much more water from Toledo Bend today.

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