Residents worry about gates opening at Toledo Bend

Residents worry about gates opening at Toledo Bend

MERRYVILLE, LA (KPLC) - The rising Sabine River once again has residents in Southwest Louisiana and East Texas on edge.

On Sunday night, all 11 Gates were opened at one foot each at the Toledo Bend Reservoir to reduce the high reservoir water levels.

For many residents like Michael Royer, given what's happened the last few years, they aren't taking any chances.

"I've known when they tell you it's going to crest at 35 ft, you can get ready for 38," Royer said.

According to federal guidelines, the Sabine River Authority must open the gates at the Toledo Bend Reservoir once the water levels reach maximum capacity, 172.5 ft.

Royer said those guidelines don't account for the water coming out of Anacoco and Vernon lake, and feels the people down river aren't important to those in control of those federal guidelines.

"They don't care about our homes obviously," Royer said. "Somebody with some power in this state has got to be the one to do it. It won't be a Joe blow off the street like me. We put those people in office so it's going to take one of them to step up and say hey we need a change here."

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